Thalassemia Day Care Centre Inaugurated @ IGICH

Sankalp India Foundation and Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health (IGICH) supported by Applied Materials India Pvt. Ltd. inaugurated the ”Thalassemia Day Care Centre” at IGICH, Bangalore. The Day Care Centre will provide all necessary treatment and management facilities for children suffering from Thalassemia.

Inauguration of Thalassemia Day Care Centre at IGI Patients from all parts of Karnataka and from the  neighboring districts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra  Pradesh come to IGICH for blood transfusions every  month. The setting up of the day care centre will  these  patients. A Program Co-ordinator cum counselor has  been appointed to ensure that the centre functions as it  should. Currently 70 patients are enrolled with the day  care centre.


The centre also will be the first of its kind where the entire treatment plan for the children will be digitally managed. A dedicated application is being developed to ensure that the parameters related to the patients are carefully monitored. The electronic system will prepare a visit plan for the patient on each visit ensuring that the delivery of treatment is strictly as per the norms.

With completely free treatment facilities, the centre will provide great relief to the neediest patients. The challenge that lies ahead is successful execution of the ambitious plans that have been made for this day-care centre. This children’s day was indeed a happy one for the 70 odd kids who are attending the clinic already. It brings to them hope for a better future.

Members of Applied Materials, staff and patients from Indira Gandhi Institute Of Child Health an volunteers of Sankalp India Foundation by participating and taking a tour of the facilities at the day care showed their commitment to add more meaning to Thalassemia care on National Thalassemia Day.

Facilities @ The Day Care Centre

 Currently Available Facilities  - (Free Of Cost) 

  • Thalassemia Card to all patients
  • Saline washed PRBC for all children (patient’s family need not provide any replacement donations)
  • Lab investigations are being done
  • Chelating Drugs are being provided
  • Admission and blood transfusion
  • Play area
  • Counseling
  • Meals
  • Educational movies and cartoon shows

Additional Facilities Being Planned

  • Subsidized transportation for patient and attendant
  • Shortest possible stay at the hospital
  • Free HLA typing for needy patients who may benefit from bone marrow transplantation and their siblings in collaboration with the Cure2Children Foundation.
  • Evaluation of subgroups of blood on first visit and consequently providing better matched blood products
  • Cascade screening for Thalassemia trait for as many family members as possible