Thal Day Care is Up and Running

With 111 patients on roll as on 1st January 2012 the dreams that the inauguration of the Day Care Center at IGICH on 14th November 2011 took off have already stared finding the sweet taste of realization - never mind if the journey has just begun. Last 45 days have been extremely challenging and yet exciting at the Thal Day Care Centre.

With the magnanimous support from the Director and staff at IGICH the facilities being offered to the patients are taking great shape:

- Patients from 24 districts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerela and Andhra Pradesh are attending the day care centre

- In last 45 days not one of them has had to arrange for blood by themselves. Voluntarily donated blood has been made available for each one of them. Here we must that the 30+ emergency donors who stepped in to ensure smooth supply of blood to these children whoen the blood bank was unable to provide the desired units.

- The baseline serology, biochemistry and hematology related tests have been undertaken for all patinets. The reports are being systematically logged for future reference on an electronic system.

- 71 children are being treated to make them free from the excess iron that deposits in their body(chelation) and thus prevent further complications- all free of cost.

- The study of side affects because of drugs and post transfusion reactions ahs been initiated

- Transportation support is being offered to patients coming from far off places.

With the basic operations taking good shape now the cenytre is looking into specific needs of each one of these kids. With increased understanidng of their needs and problems we are finding ourselves extremely busy to make available all that we can to help them. The challenge in the coming month are as follows:

- Careful study of adherence to the treatment and the side affects because of Chelators

- Enusre that the children who are eligible for BMT are HLA types along with their siblings

- Ensure that the stay duration at the hospital is further minimised in order to save the loss of stufy time and earnings for the family.

- Try to get an extended grouping done for regular blood donors and create donor pool for the patients who have developed antibodies.

Year 2011-12 is the year of learning and participation for Sankalp India Foundation in the field of care, treatment and prevention of thalassemia. Let's hope that we are able to do a job that we can be proud of in future.