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Our Special Connect With Our Blood Donors

Sankalp India Foundation's programs have often been designed with focus on maximizing benefit to the end recipient. Our Rakta Kranti program however is a little different. Here the focus is the donor the selfless, heroic blood donor. Through the nearly 950 blood donation drives and approximately 83000 units of blood collected, we have focused only on quality in drive execution with maximum compliance to standards.

Proud Achievements in Science & Technology

Sankalp uses it’s own custom technology platforms for all it’s projects. As a natural consequence, all project related data is captured digitally on a day to day basis. This gives the teams an opportunity to not just view retrospective data from time to time, but also the power to analyze data and consequently bring in regular improvements in the work. Contribution to the field of transfusion medicine, thalassemia and bone marrow transplants is also something that Sankalp regularly offers through such systems.

Sankalp set’s up it’s own Ethical Committee

A clinical trial is an important element of research in the field of medicine and science. Before any treatment protocol, or medicine or any practice related to the patient is brought into mainstream practice, it is essential that the trials have proved it's impact. One of the most fundamental ethical principles in human experimentation is that the experimenter should not subject the participants in the experiment to any procedure they would not be willing to undertake themselves.

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