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Mismanagement, suffering and exploitations continues even when blood donors are available in plenty

August was a month of plenty in Bangalore - at least as far as blood is concerned. Unfortunately, still several blood donation camps are not carefully planned keeping in mind the demand of blood. When the colleges reopen after the summer vacation, there are several institutions who express desire to conduct camps. Most blood banks just choose to take up the opportunity to collect rather than engage with the organizers and attempt to better schedule the dates.

KSBTC permits transfer of blood between blood banks as per National Blood Transfusion Council guidelines

“Bulk transfer of blood between blood banks of all sectors permitted by NBTC” was published in the Volume 6 Issue 4 of Sankalp Patrika. The good news is that at least the State Government of Karnataka has accepted the guideline issues by NBTC in its totality in the Second Meeting of the Technical Expert Committee of KSBTC help on 11 March 2016. This is great news for the blood banks in the state.

“SAVE BLOOD, SAVE LIVES” - Role of Rationalizing Blood Use in achieving 100% Voluntary Blood Donation

India is striving to achieve the target of 100% voluntary blood donation by 2020. National Blood Transfusion Council, National AIDS Control Organisation, Federation of Indian Blood Donation Organisations and all other stakeholders agree to the goal. The primary focus appears to increase voluntary blood donation to meet the ever growing demand for blood in the country. Is increasing supply to meet the demand the only way?

Improving Quality of Blood Donation Drives

Regular blood donors are the cornerstone of blood safety and voluntary blood donation. The retention of blood donors is directly related with the experience they have when they come to donate blood. Quality, safety and donor retention are inseparable. Continuous focus on quality and safety is an essential responsibility of every organisation which is involved in the process of voluntary blood donation.

Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute felicitates Sankalp India Foundation on WBDD

On World Blood Donor’s Day, Department of Blood Transfusion Medicine, Bangalore Medical College felicitated Sankalp India Foundation for organizing regular voluntary blood donation drives . We have committed to the department on behalf of all the voluntary blood donors that there will be no shortage of blood.

How Prepared Are We To Handle Adverse Reactions & Emergencies In Blood Donation Drives?

The last edition of the Patrika laid the prelude to understanding and handling adverse events in outdoor voluntary blood donation drives. Like mentioned last time, Sankalp India Foundation has designed a protocol for handling such events. In this edition of the Patrika, we shall focus on identification of Adverse events in blood donation drives. A problem well stated is like a problem half solved.

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