How to teach english???

Hi, All 2nd

Here i have a small problem and need all your help to find solution. More the number of solution better it would be. 

Breif: There is a small government school in near Banshankari 2nd Stage. A brief about the school is as there as 250 student studying from cnursary to class 7. There are only 8 teacher in all for all class and all subjects. The children from near by local slum area mostly. There is NO FEE for the children and school reu with the support of government and NGO's. Teacher are trying there best to give best education to children with no fee in return. 

Problem: Teacher are really dedicated who work selflessly to give student best in what ever limited resource they have. Few days back i got the call from teachers to say that they all want to learn SPOKEN ENGLISH. As it a kannada medium school with teacher from same background they dont have proficieny in speaking english. After talking to teachre i got to know that they can read and write english but only due to habit of speaking in english are not proficent in it. They had asked to help them to learn spoken english. 

What you can do:  Firstl, Please post your creative ways to help them to learn spoken english. I need some games or thing they can adopt in their day to day life to learn english without any support. 

Secondly, We have promise them that every saturday few people will visit the school from 11:30 to 12:30 to clarify their doubt, have discussion with them, help reading english newspaper. Overall make them speak english and make them comfortable in speaking english.

If you are willing you can join us in this and visit the school in which ever saturday you are free. Please reply back to this forum if you are willing to. Please you contact number. I will contact you. 

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Suggestion thorugh mail...

please visit the homepage of an organization called "youth for seva" which is working on the same project of teaching spoken english for slum children
           convey this message to de concerned person who is looking for better ways to teach english.
Suggested by : sharmila shanker

Project Started...

While searching in the internet i got few good links which give free download material for all level of people to learn spoken english. Using this material we are starting this project.

One of my friend had decided to go to school twice a week (tuesday and saturday) t ohelp teacher to speak english.

If any onme interester please reply to this post.  

english learning

the best way to learn english is always think in english. if you can do it so you will be great speaker of english.Kiss

Strongly agreed!

Strongly agreed!



study material

hi jayesh I recently started working as volunteer to teach spoken english in a govt school in hyderabad, can you share with me the web link to download material to teach spoken english. my mail id is thank you, Rushabh


This is siva.....

Learning english is not easy

Learning english is not easy you know, Even the teachers here in philippines fail :)

Teaching english is

Teaching english is hard.

One way to quickly learn

One way to quickly learn English is to watch movies with English subtitles. Initially you need to read to understand after a while you just listen and understand. Now in saying that it is still not just easy, you have to practice and be patient.

Start speaking in english.

In my opinion, the easiest way to start learning spoken english is to start speaking in english !!!  These teachers could be encouraged to speak ONLY in english among themselves. However bad their english is, if they start talking and continue talking in ONLY english among themselves...they will slowly improve. After they reach a particular stage...formal trining in spoken english will be more useful.