Sankalp Program for Thalassemia Management

Rural Development Trust and Sankalp India Foundation - together to fight thalassemia

On a lazy Sunday morning, a team of doctors, staff nurses and patient coordinators from Rural Development Trust Hospital, Bathalapalli, Ananthpur, Andhra Pradesh embarked upon a journey of 200 km to Bangalore. They spent the good part of the day visiting the thalassemia care facilities organised by Sankalp India Foundation in Bangalore.

More than 1000 units of blood units being made available for thalassemia patients each month

Last month we cross the 1000 mark for the number of blood units being transfused to patients suffering from thalassemia across the state of Karnataka. We must congratulate Rashtrotthana Blood Bank- Bangalore, Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health-Bangalore and K L E Society Hospital and Medical Research Centre Blood bank for ensuring continued supply of safe and voluntarily donated blood for each of our patients completely free of cost.

Managing Emergencies for Thalassemics - A little boy who beat the odds.

After the end of a long busy day as I sat to look at some videos, I got a call from Dr Reshma. She informed me that a child who is taking treatment at our centre needed an urgent appendicectomy – removal of his appendix which had become infected and inflamed. It was a Saturday night. The patient had travelled from a place 200km away from Bangalore and reached a prominent Government Hospital in Bangalore for the urgent surgery. However, there was no surgeon available at the hospital.

The little girl’s story - Stories of hope and learning from our thalassemia program

When I walked up the stairs of Samraksha today I realised that a little girl was peeping down from the stairs. The look in her eyes told me that she was waiting for me. I shared the usual pleasantries with the family and walked across a hall full of children and parents straight to the doctor's room. We had a meeting scheduled for the day and soon I found myself with 2 of my friends in a room discussing the future roadmaps.

Summer vacations roped in to fight ferritin

As little children, we all looked forward eagerly to the summer holidays. For the team at Project Samraksha and the school-going children who come for treatment there, the anticipation for the summer holidays is just the same, however for a different reason. We plan to make use of every holiday season to give deferoxamine infusion to the children who are not responding sufficiently to oral chelators. Deferoxamine infusion can be very effective in controlling iron levels in the body.

Transformation One life at a time

by Dr Reshma Shrinivas, Medical Officer In-charge, Project Samrkasha Thalassemia Day Care, Rashtrotthana Parishat, Bangalore

On 1st March 2016, when 13 year old Viren(name changed) was brought to Samraksha for the very first time, he was carried by his father on his back. The staff was surprised looking at a 13 yr old being carried by his father. The father explained to us saying Viren cannot walk even a furlong distance.

State level Consultation on Status of Thalassemia and Other Hemoglobinopthies in Karnataka organised

"State level Consultation on Status of Thalassemia and Other Hemoglobinopthies in Karnataka" was organised by Sankalp India Foundation with the major thalassemia centers in Bangalore as co-hosts on 9th of March 2016 at Rashtrotthana Parishat, Bengaluru.

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