What is the Biggest Contribution of Vikram Sarabhai...

Vikram Sarabhai contributed a lot in many field like ISRO, ARYABHATTA,Science etc. What is his biggest contribution according to you.



He contributed men to the motherland. Kalam as you know him is one of the gifts of Sarabhai to the country

I Too Agree

Ya i agree that the Leader and Scientist he gave to India is his biggest contribution... He was only the person who supported new Engineer that time and make them Dr. A.P.J. kalam....Thousand of Scientist and Engineer supported by him are leading India now.


The year 1957-1958 was designated as International Geo-physical year (IGY). The Indian program for the IGY had been one of the most significant ventures of Sarabhai. It exposed him to the new vistas of space science with the launching in 1957 of Sputnik-I. Subsequently, the Indian National Committee for Space Research was created, of which Vikram Sarabhai became Chairman.

A Visionary

Dr Sarabhai was a great visionary. His insight into the future of technology in our nation was great. On one hand he made the government adopt policies that would foster science and technology, and on the other, he led scientists to create India's own space programme