Food shorages on 60s and Green Revolution

It is hard to imagine today that there existed a time in independent India when the then Prime Minister of the country, Sw. Lal Bahadur Shastriji had to appeal to the nation to skip one meal a day. Our nation saw one of the darkest era when we faced acute shortage of food in the 60s. Ships from America brought in bad quality grain as charity to feel us and the Nation battled with the problems of rising prices and hunger.

The better India that we see today is doubtlessly attributed to the revolution that came then that was to change the way the India farmer grows crop. Introduction of high yielding varieties of crop along with a host of other reforms brought to the country not just self sufficiency in food, but surplus crop. Come join in to get face to face with this modern revolution - the Green Revolution!


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I appreciate the research behind this topic. I commend the fact that the information is presented in a comprehensive, non-opinonated way. This allows the reader to form his/ her own opinions.

Great job!