Our Special Connect With Our Blood Donors

Connecting with Blood DonorsSankalp India Foundation's programs have often been designed with focus on maximizing benefit to the end recipient. Our Rakta Kranti program however is a little different. Here the focus is the donor the selfless, heroic blood donor. Through the nearly 950 blood donation drives and approximately 83000 units of blood collected, we have focused only on quality in drive execution with maximum compliance to standards.


This thought process has borne fruits. We have built a unique relationship with our blood donors. Testimony to that is our blood donation drives at ITPB. Sankalp has been doing drives at ITPB for the last 10 years. Several donors have donated. Some of them have been donating very regularly drive after drive. These donors are not confined to a single organization. Hence the messaging and connect is not very directly driven by the HR of their respective organization but is strongly managed by Sankalp. Now, several donors walking across the multipurpose hall in ITPB for their post lunch stroll recognize a Sankalp volunteer in a Sankalp T shirt from far away. The next moment they are heading towards the drive, rolling up their sleeves and queuing up to donate. Even with donors confined to messaging from their organization's HR, the story is changing. From the last few months, Sankalp has started sending in SMS invites to donors (only the ones who have expressed their consent to receive updates from Sankalp) for the next drive at their organization. Many have expressed their excitement and gratitude for this invite. The stickers and certificate provided to donors have decorated their vehicles, their desktops and laptops. They feel important and connected to our story.

It is for us the people in the blood banking community to realize that these donors are our people. They are our real gems who when given a good ambience to contribute will come with smiling faces to help Give Life A Better Chance.

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