February 2015, Vol 5, Issue 2

Our experience with sharing the vision of Bombay blood group at National Meet on Total Voluntary Blood Programme - Vision 2020

Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, West Bengal (AVBDWB) organised National Meet on Total Voluntary Blood Programme - Vision 2020 from 23-25th January, 2015 at Kolkata. This is one meet which is looked forward to by voluntary organisation from all over the country.

Rotary Dhanbad embraces Voluntary Blood Donation

Submitted by sankalp on Mon, 16-Feb-2015 - 00:21

Recently I was invited to talk to Rotarians in Dhanbad who have been trying to shape up their blood donation related activity. It was very difficult for me to plan what I was going to say - after all, I knew that what they had in mind was a virtual blood bank - or in other words - a list of blood donors. I was to talk to a roomful of people who were skeptical about the blood banks and who were sure that the blood bank does not issue blood when needed.

Caught between ignorance and business – Vulnerable parents of children suffering from thalassemia

Yesterday a family came to seek help for their child who is detected with thalassemia. We meet parents only on Sundays but we made an exception for this family as they had come all the way from a place 600 km away. The 8 month old baby girl had already received 3 transfusions and the family wanted to discuss the prospects of transplants.