Little girls travel from Afghanistan to Bangalore in search of cure from Thalassemia

It was more than a year back when we a family who had two little girls suffering from thalassemia from Afghanistan approached Cure2Children Foundation for help with HLA typing. The family was overjoyed to find that both the girls had a match. The father of the girls is a driver and could not have afforded transplantation.

Workshop on Voluntary Blood Donation and use of Blood Components organized at Davanagere

The pathology department of JJM Medical College Davangere with it's associated blood bank at Bapuji Hospital organized a one day workshop on “Voluntary Blood Donation and Appropriate use of Blood Components” to promote voluntary blood donation and sensitize the medical fraternity about the need for rationale utilization of available blood resources.

Long way ahead to prevent unnecessary suffering for patients with Bombay blood group

Recently, we had a situation where a pregnant woman who was close to delivery was detected with Bombay blood group. She was shifted to Bangalore because the local doctors were uncomfortable handling the situation. The lady had haemoglobin on 12 gm/dl and it was then that it was discovered that the patient had extremely low platelets as well.

Sankalp-Cure2Children Network Presents 6 posters at the Asia Pacific Bone Marrow Transplant Meet - 2016

Asia Pacific Bone Marrow Transplantation Meet was organised at Singapore from 28-30 October 2016. The Sankalp-Cure2Children Network was happy to have 6 of our posters selected to be presented at the meeting. In-line of our commitment to transparency, innovation and quality we continue to scientifically analyse and share our work.