Thalassemia Prevention, Management and Cure

Annual Cardiac Screening Started for Thalassemiacs

Prolonged blood transfusion therapy and anemia can cause cardiac problems. Cardiac problems contribute significantly to mortality and poor quality of life for thalassemia patients.

ankita Mon, 25-Feb-2019 - 15:22
Thalassemia Prevention, Management and Cure

Last month we had 205 patient visits with 276 transfusions at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health. The average pre-transfusion hemoglobin was 8.3gm/dl and the estimated post transfusion hemoglobin was 12.1 gm/dl. At Samraksha we had 164 patient visits with 205 transfusions.

ankita Mon, 25-Feb-2019 - 12:30
Workshop on Thalassemia Management and Transplantation

On 19th February 2015 a group of people with very high interest in improving care and management for thalassemia came together in a room to explore the next steps for thalassemia management.

The intention was to share and to learn in an environment which maximizes learning and fosters cooperation.

ankita Sat, 23-Feb-2019 - 15:59