August 2014, Vol 4, Issue 8

Common mistakes in Chelation Therapy

Iron chelation is an important and very costly part of thalassemia management. Over last 3 years we have been monitoring and helping make better the chelation therapy for children with thalassemia. We share here the common mistakes which often go unnoticed.


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Cost of life - blog by Sourav Roy

India is the world’s biggest provider of cheap and affordable medicines to developing world. Of course, most countries don't like that!

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News and Updates - June - July

Let us see what May had in store for us at Sankalp.

Rakta Kranti

16 camps were organized in the month of June collecting 1171 units of blood.

i) ITP

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Blood donation - not blood insurance!

Share Lie Give Blood

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Ethical and legal considerations in blood donor counselling

While voluntary blood donation camps are improving in terms of their adherence to national and global standards are concerned, a major area which continues to remain neglected is that of donor counselling. Most blood banks do not have a trained counsellor to attend the drives and even those who take up the responsibility lack the necessary focus and skill.

Annual Cardiac Screening Started for Thalassemiacs

Prolonged blood transfusion therapy and anemia can cause cardiac problems. Cardiac problems contribute significantly to mortality and poor quality of life for thalassemia patients.

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