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In Bangalore city there is a technological heaven. However, this place, The Indian Institute Of Science is also a place where Sankalp can turn to for emergency blood donors. Thank you one and all @ IISC, Bangalore is proud of you!

When a request comes to the emergency wing of Sankalp, it implies that blood may not be available off the shelf for the patient. These are the most difficult situations for the patient which are life threatening on several occasions. Since 9 years, Sankalp India Foundation has been taking these extremely critical blood requests and worked to ensure that blood is arranged on time. The organisation felt the need for a very highly dependable and dedicated blood donor database which could act like the last hope for the people who need blood. Our search for such young men and women took us to the gates of the cradle of science and technology – the Indian Institute of Science. Plans were made. Discussions happened. And year 2005 saw the beginning of a new relationship which has become the foundation of emergency blood donations over all these years.

Entering into the IISc campus one may wonder how will the bright young minds which are so busy working round the clock spare time for anything else. Says Rajat, a Senior Sankalp Volunteer – “The most dependable folks we have found when it comes to emergency blood donation are those from IISc. In spite of their busy schedules, in the hour of need, they are the most willing lot to roll up their sleeves and help. When it comes to emergency donations at night time, as Bangalore sleeps, the unsung heroes from the institute come forward to help. We are proud to be associated with them.”

Continuing this trend of enrolling these self-motivated donors we organized our 5th emergency donor registration drive at IISc from 8th to 10th November 2011. Very special thanks to Mr. Srivalsa Kolathayar, the chairman of Student Council IISc for all the timely support.

Says Anil, the coordinator for this year’s drive – “The goal of this year’s drive was to be able to speak to all the students of IISc and explain the working of Sankalp emergency wing and extreme need of their participation. In the three days of registration drive, we spent a day each at the three major messes of IISc. The response was very good as usual. Volunteers enjoyed answering the queries asked by the donors. The enthusiasm shown by the people has been a great driving factor. Brochures, handouts, posters etc. were used to add effective value to the program. Interested donors were educated about the Apheresis donation which leads to hundreds of them registering as Apheresis donors. Involved in research round the clock the young scientists needed to be assured that they will be called only for utter emergency blood requests. Also we made a promise to keep their contact information very confidential. After understanding the working of Sankalp Emergency Wing a total of 794 students joined in as emergency donors. The 3 days that we spend registering blood donors at IISc ensure that all rough the year we are adequately equipped to handle emergency blood requests.”

After finishing the registration drive, volunteers discussed the feed-backs/improvement areas so that the mistakes are not repeated for the next time. Harsh and Sushmita, new volunteers of Sankalp expressed that IISc drive was a great confidence building factor for working with lots of people. Kundan, another Sankalp Volunteer says IISc drive has put a full stop for his hesitation to approach different people and he understands the real meaning of Team Work.

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