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Dr Charles Sklar visits us - New Chapter in handling Endorcine Complications Begins
Dr Charles Sklar visit

In 2013, one morning a few weeks after the new day care cent with Rashtrotthana Parishat

sankalp Tue, 22-Oct-2019 - 09:35 An action packed Republic Day Celebration with Healing Touch Society

A single can create million smiles!!

ankita Thu, 14-Mar-2019 - 09:28 How planning mitigated winter blood shortage?

ankita Thu, 14-Mar-2019 - 08:15
Traveling 2000 km every month for 6 years - Gowtham’s families journey of cure


This is a story of a boy who is 14 year old and very smart. He belongs to a very small village of Bihar.

sankalp Fri, 14-Dec-2018 - 18:51 The safest blood - No blood!

Let’s share a scenario. A person is anemic with a Hb of 9 gm/dl and brought in for a surgical procedure.

sankalp Fri, 14-Dec-2018 - 18:49 How are the transplants becoming safer - good news for patients who seek cure from thalassemia

It has been three years since the time Sankalp started the program for thalassemia cure. We started our bone marrow transplantations for patients who had a matched related donor only.

sankalp Fri, 14-Dec-2018 - 18:46