11th Anniversary

Submitted by sankalp on Mon, 16-Jun-2014 - 09:45

Each day pass by and leave behind a memory. No history was written in a day and today when we stand at a juncture after a decade of hard work the most satisfying word that means the most in our life is ‘’ Trust’’ . Trust of blood donors, trust of blood banks, trust of the people in search of blood and every associated individual or organisation. Now that we have won the trust of thousands of people all over the country the challenge lies in keeping the trust alive and stepping ahead gradually in our endeavours to make the difference in blood banking as a whole.

Donor Feedback: Are we listening?

Submitted by sankalp on Mon, 19-May-2014 - 14:56

Recently a donor shared feedback about some discomfort following a blood donation in one of the camps. Following the routine process, the donor was counselled, reassured and informed that the medical officer of the concerned blood bank will give him/her a call. The contact was passed on to the medical officer. We believed that the matter was taken care and as a routine process we would have called the donor a day or two later just to be sure that he is doing well.

Thalassemia and Us

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Thalassemia this word is as common as cancer, we understand the pain and the emotions behind cancer, the fear of losing our loved ones almost never leaves our eyes, no stone is left unturned to steer them from death to life, and when you lay your head against their chest and hear the heart beat rhythmically a tear escapes the eyes thanking the wonderful inventions of science. How many of us think about thalassemia in the same way?

Not for Indians

Submitted by souravroy on Fri, 14-Feb-2014 - 11:57

The CEO of pharmaceutical giant Bayer has sparked fury after announcing one of the firm's drugs was for 'western patients who can afford it'.

He described India's patent laws as 'essentially theft'

Emergency Team - the roads taken

Submitted by sankalp on Fri, 24-Jan-2014 - 12:51

Sankalp started 10 years back with the intent to help people who are facing difficulty arranging for blood in emergencies. That responsibility now rests with the emergency team of the organisation. In those days the challenge was to organise for blood for the patients who were sent out of the blood banks to look for donors. Replacement requests, negative group requests and seasonal shortages kept us busy. Those were the days when an AB-ve request was considered a challenge.  Then came the era of single donor platelets.

Remembering M.S.

Submitted by souravroy on Fri, 13-Dec-2013 - 11:54

M.S. Subbulakshmi has inspired many generations, through her divine voice and her rare qualities of humility, compassion discipline and principles of conduct. Her quest for perfection and sincerity of effort were not reserved for the stage. Her own simple lifestyle and donation of most of her earnings to charity were the testament to the person she was.

Some images and quotes from Tata Power Camp

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1)       Very Nice arrangement, the doctor was nice. No Pricking pain. J.Very nice work done by CR Team here. Well organized, will definitely motivate others too to donate. This is my 22nd time donation and I am feeling very happy. Best wishes. Keep up the good work-  Nitin Awasthi

2)       Very Nice encouragement. This is the 6th time I am donating blood. Feels happy. Keep it up. Thanks for the opportunity – Murali.N

3)       Feeling good as it was my first experience- Spandana

The year it was for Patrika

Submitted by souravroy on Fri, 13-Dec-2013 - 11:19

With the year 2013 coming to an end, yet another volume of Sankalp Patrika will wind up being archives and a legacy of the change it has been trying to bring in the blood banking scenario across Karnataka. As Sankalp Patrika enters 4th year of publication, this is a good time to recollect the good and the bad, the highs and the lows of the journey we have had together in the previous year.

The problem with elementary school system

Submitted by souravroy on Mon, 02-Dec-2013 - 15:54

How does it feel if half of the buses and trains supposed to be running are canceled at random? And how long will we stand such disruption? At most a day or two, maybe. Well, a similar disruption in the daily lives of children has been happening quietly for years. About half of the time, there is no teaching going on in government primary schools, while these voiceless students suffer.