When the Life Savers Marched In to Save The Day


Camps in june

The Rakta Kranti team of Sankalp India Foundation has always believed in organising blood donation drives when needed the most. As the blood bank shelves became empty towards the end of May several blood banks gave a clear message  - there was an urgent need for camps. We set the ball rolling to explore any and every opportunity to organize a blood donation drive.

On one hand we approached the organizations which have always stood by us in the time of need for camps and on the other hand we made all efforts to find new places which were great candidates for the camps. We also made several appeals to the public in which media was of great help.

The impact of all the work done at the end of the month was quite impressive. Sankalp organized 9 blood donation drives in the month of June with a total blood collection of 715 units of blood.

The table indicates the organizations where the camps were conducte.

Camps in June

Happy to DonateThe basis on which we hope to organize camps when needed the most are organizations like AMD, Logica and Lucent who have stood by us through the years. When there is a shortage in the city, these organizations come forward  and conduct camps at extremely short notice. The more important thing is the active participation and enthusiasm from the volunteers.

At the same time, when we approached some organizations for the first time and communicated to them the difficulty in organizing for blood units, they were happy to be of help when needed the most and immediately finalised blood donation drives. We organized blood donation drives for the first time in AMI Corp, Qualcomm, Nandi Woods Apartment Complex and Cox and Kings. This laid the foundation for a long lasting 'blood' relationship. 

Hats off to all the organizers! By choosing to organize blood donation drives - and especially when the shortage was so massive - you truly saved the day. Sankalp India Foundation is proud to be associated with you :-)

Sankalp Unit