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How Prepared Are We To Handle Adverse Reactions & Emergencies In Blood Donation Drives?

From definition to identification to prevention,the Sankalp Patrika, in the last 3 months has carried some extremely important articles describing aspects related to adverse donor reactions. Although all our efforts must be focussed on providing the right ambience for blood donation, there are situations when one or more adverse events do occur.

News and Updates - June - July

Let us see what May had in store for us at Sankalp.

Rakta Kranti

16 camps were organized in the month of June collecting 1171 units of blood.

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Blood donation - not blood insurance!

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Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute felicitates Sankalp India Foundation on WBDD.

Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute felicitates Sankalp India Foundation on WBDD

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Rakta Kranti - the news from the blood donation drives

There was a time when we at Sankalp considered September and October has months of relatively less workload, however as you will see, now each team is fully occupied serving their mission objectives all year round. Let’s see what happened in the month of September 2014.

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Ten quality indicators for blood banking

Quality Council of India's National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) has pioneered accreditation of blood banks and assessment of their quality and operational systems. The NABH standard for blood banks which was first released in 2007 has been revised and from 2013 the 2nd edition is applicable.

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Why is 1st October celebrated as National Voluntary blood donor day?

1st October is celebrated as the National Voluntary Blood Donation Day in India to recognise and commemorate the immense contribution made by Dr Jai Gopal Jolly on his birthday. The following is a brief note of the contribution of the man who is regarded as the "Father of Transfusion Medicine in India".

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