'March'ing ahead for bringing in a Blood Revolution

Rakta Kranti Bangalore

We had 5 blood donation drives in the month of March where 409 donations and over 550 registrations. The details of these drives are given below:

  • The month started with a blood donation drive at TATA consulting engineers Limited on 3rd March. This day was also the Founder’s day for TATA group. The team red volunteers did a great job in spreading awareness among the people and we had 57 donations here.

  • We had two blood donation drives at Aegis India where 116 donations were completed. We had a drive till 9 PM in the night at one of the Agis locations. The response from employees was much better than last time. The volunteers from company put up posters at prominent places in the company and did a good job for spreading awareness among all the employees of the campany.

  • We had our first blood donation drive at Reva Institute of Science and Management College. A team red team of 14 volunteers was set up and training was provided to them. These volunteers then visited each of the classrooms and registered the interested donors and also communicated the importance of blood donation to all students. About 100 registrations were made by the students and a total of 90 donations were made in the college. Looking forward to more number of blood donation drives in the college with increased participation from students.

  • The month ended with the 5th blood donation drive at LOGICA where over 156 donations were made. Most of the donors who turned up were repeat donors from our previous camps. This was one of the positive feedback from blood donation drive.

    • Transparent Plastic stand to be put up stating Pre donation, Registration, Post Donation etc.

    • For company certificate will use envelope for better representation and avoiding damage of the certificate.

Emergency Wing

There were 90 blood requests in the month of March and totally we had 1516 blood requests for the financial year 2010-2011. The details are included as the following:

There were 5 Bombay blood group cases one of which was from outside Karnataka (from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh). One of the Bombay Blood group cases required a blood donation. The donor had traveled from Jamshedpur to Bangalore for it. Apart from this, there were three other donations made for the emergency requests.

Of the planned research topics, two have been completed and other five are still in process. They will be done as soon as possible and shared among all. The volunteers are being tested in order to prepare themselves for the critical cases and handling them in the best possible manner. Two technical talks were given by the volunteers as continuous effort of keeping themselves updated and clear of concepts involved in the process of blood donation.

The summers are one of dreadful time of the year, not just with respect to the heat of the sun. It is seen that during this time, there is immense increase in the number if emergency blood requests to the emergency. As it is also the time for holidays in colleges, the emergency wing volunteers along with most of the other volunteers plan to go to their respective home towns. Thus, to handle the increased number of blood requests, the other non-emergency wing volunteers are being trained to handle the blood requests during that time.

The team has also started sending mails to all the donors who wished to know about apheresis to fight with dengue during the dengue season which will further worsen the situation of emergency blood requests.

Tech team

The tech training with the advanced features of Sankalp sites, which are Drupal based, was given to the volunteers who opted for it and for all the site admins compulsorily.

The Sankalp internal site, Karmabhoomi, has been updated with drop-down menus added to it. The external website, sankalpindia.net, has been added with a new module to upload and download the reports and files related to Sankalp.

Other than that, some of the issues with KPIs submitted on Karmabhoomi have been resolved. The other major issues with the sites were resolved.

The finance report periodical which will be sent to all the stakeholders has been implemented. Also there is work going on in the implementation of SMS Gateway which will automate the SMS handling and hsending.

Rakta Kranti Schools

The number of schools approached this month are 7. But in none of these schools the programs and blood awareness sessions were held. This is mainly due to the exams of the students. Many schools are interested in the program but want us to visit them in the month of June.

Two schools have fixed date on 28 and 31st May (Frank Anthony Public School and St. Clarence High School)

The competition program was held in 3 schools which were pending to be completed. The competitions were held in Shanthi Children High School, Kanan Christ High School, Poorna Pragna High School. And four prize distribution programs including the ones in which competitions were completed this month. The fourth school was Ujjwala Vidyalaya.

Number of schools permitted for program next month is 2. And the coming month, the team will continue to visit schools and fix programs for the month of May. Apart from this they have to build our external site (for the public) and also improvise the videos in the meanwhile.


Newspaper printed for the month of March, this time everything was fine, only concern is the quality of paper used. February and March newspaper were sent together to almost 297 people. Due to some postal problem February newspaper posting was delayed and it was completed in March. Care has been taken this time and learning from the delay is enough understanding and Knowledge Transfer to avoid such delays from now onwards.

As Donor Consent Form was almost out of stock, got some 5000 form printed with 100 page's pad each. Thus, the numbers are 50 X 100 (= 5000). Along with that Aphersis brochure was also at critical state, Got some 500 pages printed on this front.

Some new things added in the blood donation camp bag:

Saheed Divas was celebrated on 23rd March, regarding which posters & brochures where printed and candles were bought.


28 hospitals were visited this month. More and more hospital visits are being planned so that helpline awareness programme in hospitals of Bangalore will be completed and the team can proceed to hospitals of Karnataka. All the hospital data from Bangalore has been updated on Disha site.

Apart from visiting the hospitals, the team is also other options of helpline awareness, like approaching the media, railways, BMTC, etc. The team will soon come up with a plan to proceed with it.

The call center equipment is taking shape, and the team is soon expecting a final demo from the vendor. Once this is done, they will start off with greater learning of the equipment and training the RCEs on how to use the equipment.


Sankalp has a mock DMMG Code Red Drill on 21st Macrh 2011 when an earthquake of 5.7 magnitude, struck Kashmir. The responses were individually looked into and the volunteers were appraised of the shortcomings of the response. This mock session helped most of the volunteers to understand and put to the test the understanding of the Code Red protocol rules.

Project Tiranga

Shaheed Diwas was celebrated on 23rd March by all the volunteers of Sankalp in Sankey Tank. Read more about it here.