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ankita Tue, 26-Feb-2019 - 11:29
Project Prayas : Event Log

Assam hit by another flood. Situation looks bad according to a few news reports. Sankalp volunteers have started off with initial situation analysis to understand the damage caused.

Previous relief activities taken up by Sankalp for Assam floods can be read at http://www.sankalpindia.net/drupal/project-prayas-relief-flood-affected-assam-0

Next update will be posted at 6PM.

prabha Mon, 24-Sep-2012 - 14:41

Final Report

To all people who helped us,

Please find attached the final report of Project Prayas - The Relief for Flood Affected Assam. With your support and participation, Project Prayas led to the supply of 1947 sheets of tarpaulin to the most needy people in Majuli (Dist: Jorhat) and Sootea (Dist: Sonitpur) in Assam. Thousands of people will have better shelter only because of your support.

Affected Areas visited on 20th July 2012 near Tezpur prabha Sat, 21-Jul-2012 - 00:03
Affected Areas visited on 20th July 2012 prabha Fri, 20-Jul-2012 - 23:56
NDRF men using boats to reach out to people as well as to rescue people prabha Fri, 20-Jul-2012 - 23:33
Water logged villages prabha Fri, 20-Jul-2012 - 23:32