In the era of self-centered thinking, when the sense of responsibility towards the society and the country is dying out, Sankalp India Foundation is a Youth Organization that begs to differ. Promoting Youth Empowerment for Social and National Welfare,we invite all those who believe in the change for the better to Stop Thinking and Start Working

Sankalp provides a platform for all such people who want to contribute and participate in Nation Building but who find the inertia of the system too much to overcome.

By constructive group work we slowly break the barriers of fear to act differently and nurture individuals who live up to their inner feelings and commitment to this land. Explore out site to know more...

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  • 50,000 Units Collected in Camps
  • 30+ Blood Requests taken/day
  • 5+ Emergency Situations handled/ day
  • 500 Thalassemiac Children supported.

The importance of the blood donor questionnaire form in blood donation cannot be over-emphasized. Besides, the demographic and identification related information, the donor form has questions which impact both the safety and well-being of the donor himself or that of the patient. It is also the instrument to capture informed consent. The first and very important step in the direction of keeping both the donor and the patient safe is the blood donor questionnaire form.

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Sundays have had a different meaning altogether for Project Samraksha, the Thalassemia Day Care Centre at Rashtroothhana Parishat. While the rest of the world enjoys their day off from work, the staff of the blood bank and the day care center put their best foot forward to work on their busiest day of the week. With the intention of causing minimal disruption to education and work for the families of children suffering from thalassemia. Samraksha continues work on the weekend. Individuals who need to come to the centre more often than the others are scheduled to come on Sundays.

(Dr Reshma Srinivas, stationed at Samraksha shares her experience)

A Family from Koppal visited Bangalore. They came to the Samraksha day care for thalassemia, located in the premises of Rashtrotthana Parishat with Rakesh, a two-year-old child. At registration, his father told me that Rakesh is their second child and was diagnosed with thalassemia. He is on regular blood transfusions ever since.

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It is well known that children suffering from thalassemia need blood transfusion and iron chelation every month. While the suffering and pain is borne by the child, the financial implications of this regular routine are quite demanding for many families. In the past we have seen that a few families shun the idea of regular management owing to the lack of financial resources.

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Rakta Kranti Updates

Sankalp organized 12 blood donation camps in Sept 2015 collecting 772 units of blood.

Syniverse: 3rd camp was organized in Syniverse on 2nd Sept. The company promoted the event very well and arranged fruits for the donors. We saw 87 people turning up for the event with a collection of 75 units of blood.