In the era of self-centered thinking, when the sense of responsibility towards the society and the country is dying out, Sankalp India Foundation is a Youth Organization that begs to differ. Promoting Youth Empowerment for Social and National Welfare,we invite all those who believe in the change for the better to Stop Thinking and Start Working

Sankalp provides a platform for all such people who want to contribute and participate in Nation Building but who find the inertia of the system too much to overcome.

By constructive group work we slowly break the barriers of fear to act differently and nurture individuals who live up to their inner feelings and commitment to this land. Explore out site to know more...

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  • 50,000 Units Collected in Camps
  • 30+ Blood Requests taken/day
  • 5+ Emergency Situations handled/ day
  • 500 Thalassemiac Children supported.
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Rakta Kranti's tryst with summer shortage

Continuing with the momentum built up in May to organize more blood donation drives in the summer months, we had 19 blood donation drives in June 2015 leading to a collection of 2143 units. With the number of dengue cases having shot up quite significantly, these drives brought in some relief for people as more than 85% of these units were taken in for component separation to prepare platelets. Teams from Rashtrothana, Nimhans, Victoria, ESI, Bowring, Sanjay Gandhi, Narayana Hrudayalaya particpated in these events.

One of our regular blood donors called us on 29th May, 2015, asking if there is any blood unit of Bombay blood group available in Bangalore. A child in one of the reputed heart hospital was in need of 3 units of Bombay blood group to undergo a heart surgery. Fortunately few days back we had a Bombay blood group request from other another reputed heart hospital where we got 2 units of Bombay negative blood group donated. Those 2 units were still on self as patients did not require blood during surgery or post surgery.

Three children supported by Sankalp India Foundation have completed their bone marrow transplants successfully

They kept us on our toes, made us walk the unknown territory, pushed us to performance levels we had never known before, took us on a roller coaster ride of emotions ranging from happiness, sorrow, fear, hope, and undiluted inner peace. The first three children supported by Sankalp India Foundation for complete cure from Thalassemia – Bone Marrow Transplant – are out of the BMT unit with joy all around!

Posted on: 08-Jul-2015 | | Internship

Revant Sindhu, a student of IIM Indore, spent 6 weeks in May & June, 2015, as an intern with Sankalp. Here’s what she has to say about her experience.

It’s that one story that always brings back the same memories, the same thoughts, the same emotion and that tingling feeling of how nothing went wrong and you’re hence definitely forgetting something. And then, it begins to border on regret.

The Special Day for Blood Donors - June the 14th, was spent by Sankalp attending a program at Bangalore Medical College. The program chaired by some eminent personalities like Drug Controller of Karnataka, Director BMC, Medical Superintendents of Victoria, Bowring and Vani Vilas Hospitals, senior doctors from blood banks of these institutions was to celebrate the spirit of voluntary blood donation and thank both donors and organizations for the blood donation drives involving these blood banks.