In the era of self-centered thinking, when the sense of responsibility towards the society and the country is dying out, Sankalp India Foundation is a Youth Organization that begs to differ. Promoting Youth Empowerment for Social and National Welfare,we invite all those who believe in the change for the better to Stop Thinking and Start Working

Sankalp provides a platform for all such people who want to contribute and participate in Nation Building but who find the inertia of the system too much to overcome.

By constructive group work we slowly break the barriers of fear to act differently and nurture individuals who live up to their inner feelings and commitment to this land. Explore out site to know more...

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Here are the latest news items from us.

News and Updates for January 2015

Rakta Kranti

After the seasonal break around the Christmas - New Year period we had 9 camps in Jan collecting 751 units of blood in the month of January. Let us have a look at the drives from January.


Xerox organized the first camp with Sankalp on 9th Jan. 65 units were collected in the camp. Excellent publicity from company and their cooperation in keeping the drive open for other companies, enabled a great turnout. In fact, due to high turnout post lunch, we had to close registrations early.

Improving Quality of Blood Donation Drives

Regular blood donors are the cornerstone of blood safety and voluntary blood donation. The retention of blood donors is directly related with the experience they have when they come to donate blood. Quality, safety and donor retention are inseparable. Continuous focus on quality and safety is an essential responsibility of every organisation which is involved in the process of voluntary blood donation.

Our experience with sharing the vision of Bombay blood group at National Meet on Total Voluntary Blood Programme - Vision 2020

Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, West Bengal (AVBDWB) organised National Meet on Total Voluntary Blood Programme - Vision 2020 from 23-25th January, 2015 at Kolkata. This is one meet which is looked forward to by voluntary organisation from all over the country. Sankalp India Foundation participated in this meet for the first time and was also invited to share speak on the topic of management of rare blood groups.

Caught between ignorance and business – Vulnerable parents of children suffering from thalassemia

Yesterday a family came to seek help for their child who is detected with thalassemia. We meet parents only on Sundays but we made an exception for this family as they had come all the way from a place 600 km away. The 8 month old baby girl had already received 3 transfusions and the family wanted to discuss the prospects of transplants. They had already visited 3 of the very popular BMT centres in the country and taken opinion. Unfortunately though the child had a sibling, his HLA type did not match.

  • 50,000 Units Collected in Camps
  • 30+ Blood Requests taken/day
  • 5+ Emergency Situations handled/ day
  • 500 Thalassemiac Children supported.
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