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Proud Achievements in Science & Technology

Sankalp uses it’s own custom technology platforms for all it’s projects. As a natural consequence, all project related data is captured digitally on a day to day basis. This gives the teams an opportunity to not just view retrospective data from time to time, but also the power to analyze data and consequently bring in regular improvements in the work. Contribution to the field of transfusion medicine, thalassemia and bone marrow transplants is also something that Sankalp regularly offers through such systems.

Sankalp set’s up it’s own Ethical Committee

A clinical trial is an important element of research in the field of medicine and science. Before any treatment protocol, or medicine or any practice related to the patient is brought into mainstream practice, it is essential that the trials have proved it's impact. One of the most fundamental ethical principles in human experimentation is that the experimenter should not subject the participants in the experiment to any procedure they would not be willing to undertake themselves.

Vision and Goals for the journey ahead

We have come a long way. Over the past 12 years, Sankalp has evolved from a group of college students toiling hard to ensure no one in their vicinity suffers due to shortage of blood into a structured organization working with experts and taking Karnataka towards 100% voluntary blood donation and a making the state thalassemia free. Over the past 12 years, the organization has conducted hundreds of blood donation drives, adhered to lakhs of blood requests and provided care and better management to hundreds of children suffering from Thalassemia.

News and Updates from April 2015

Rakta Kranti

With the onset of the new financial year, Sankalp Rakta Kranti Team looked to make a strong start with plenty of blood drives catering to the summer period. On the back of a year with close to 12,000 units collection having gone by, the team wanted to maintain the same momentum. In summary, 1055 units were collected in 13 drives. We had about 3% of donors having post donation complications and the percentage of deferrals for the month was 22.3.

News and Updates for January 2015

Rakta Kranti

After the seasonal break around the Christmas - New Year period we had 9 camps in Jan collecting 751 units of blood in the month of January. Let us have a look at the drives from January.


Xerox organized the first camp with Sankalp on 9th Jan. 65 units were collected in the camp. Excellent publicity from company and their cooperation in keeping the drive open for other companies, enabled a great turnout. In fact, due to high turnout post lunch, we had to close registrations early.

Our experience with sharing the vision of Bombay blood group at National Meet on Total Voluntary Blood Programme - Vision 2020

Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, West Bengal (AVBDWB) organised National Meet on Total Voluntary Blood Programme - Vision 2020 from 23-25th January, 2015 at Kolkata. This is one meet which is looked forward to by voluntary organisation from all over the country. Sankalp India Foundation participated in this meet for the first time and was also invited to share speak on the topic of management of rare blood groups.

Sankalp gets recognised for Organisational Efficiency

Complains about lack of resources has been one of the most common excuse that we give ourselves for not working upon our dreams.  We keep waiting for that ideal situations when everything falls in place in just right manner for us to take our steps forward in the direction of our goals. Instead of waiting for the right blend of resources, opportunity and ideas what we must ask ourselves is how effectively and efficiently are we using what is already available to us. 

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