Experience of a young doctor at our BMT unit

It was an incredible experience working in the Bone Marrow Transplant unit of People Tree Hospital -Sankalp collaboration. I absolutely fell in love with the meticulous nature and detailed organization in the system. It gives an opportunity to the physicians to remotely monitor patients with able assistance from the nurses.

I would like to mention a few incidents which have made a lasting impression on me.

Dr Lawrence Faulkner, being the medical director of Cure2Children is the most humble person I have met in my grown up years. His simplicity in approaching an issue or tackling through any critical scenario is inspiring. There was a day when we were very busy working on a case and he enquired with the housekeeping person if she was free to make him a cup of coffee. He assured he would have it only if it was not coming in the way of her schedule. That level of humility is not something I am used to, coming from a medical college background in India; where hierarchy is followed and respected. That is a great quality to pick up and inculcate into practice.

There was a time when we were tackling a rather sick child during the process of transplant. She stayed sad for far too long and Dr Chetan Ginigeri, the pediatric intensives asked her about anything that could make her happy. The nine year old quickly responded with "chicken leg piece." And so she was served the very next meal.

I am only pointing out the incidences which struck a chord in my heart.

I would be frequently and constantly overwhelmed at the concern of the doctors and their elementariness; at the same time amazed at the micro management of events and their perseverance to give a new lease of life to a thalassemic child. It makes me feel proud to be a part of the doctor-fraternity. I consider my three month stint with BMT unit at People Tree Hospital-Sankalp a truly rewarding, perspective sculpting and a sublime experience.

Patrika Section