Thal Meet-Up

The news of a child being born with thalassemia devastates the family. More grueling is the struggle to find the way ahead for disease management. Each family was forced to wage their own battle and find their way through. The situation is most difficult for the poor and the illiterate parents. 

Over a period of years Sankalp India Foundation has been able to build a network of medical experts, lab service providers, consultants, philanthropic individuals and organisations, transplant specialists, volunteers and other resources to transform the scenario of thalassemia management. While we have always believed in facilitating end to end management of the disease for each child coming to one of the centers supported by us, several  families continue to seek our assistance and we have been fortunate enough to provide them guidance and direction. 

The good news is that Sankalp India Foundation is now offering an opportunity for any family which has a child with thalassemia to come and seek guidance, support and direction. On first Sunday of every month we are  organising  Thal MeetUp  - an opportunity to come together  and explore the best steps forward for thalassemia prevention, management and cure. 

We invite parents and family members of children with thalassemia to make use of this opportunity. Whatever little we have learnt as an organisation over these years, we are more than happy to share.  Do Join In.

Please mail or call 9880132850 for more information.

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