December 2015, Vol 5, Issue 12

Sankalp Patrika celebrates 6 years

Dear Readers, We are happy to share the 6th volume of Sankalp Patrika with you. We took upon ourselves what seemed to be like a herculean task to prepare a 16 page newsletter every month way back towards the end of 2010. As we look back, we are very happy we decided to take that step. Sankalp Patrika has helped us connect far and wide.

News and Updates from November 2015

Thalassemia management November was a challenging month at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health. Thanks to the 10 government holidays, we had tough time accommodating all the children for transfusions. Looking at the workload at the institute together with the institute we are in the process of getting a doctor exclusively for the thalassemia unit.

The HLA Revolution : Getting together to make a difference

Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ullhasnagar, Rajahmundry, Faridabad and Dehradun - in last few months Sankalp India Foundation together with Cure2Children has offered free HLA typing to children suffering from thalassemia who have a healthy sibling. More than 250 families have been offered HLA typing. A fourth of these are likely to find a perfectly matched sibling.

Thalassemia - The Road Ahead

While the clamour to declare thalassemia as a disability grows around the country, year 2015 has brought realisation and reaffirmation to the long held perspective that we have at Sankalp India Foundation for thalassemia. As part of the counselling and motivational exercise, also as part of the speeches and the writings in the books, often the thalassemia families are told that their child should