October 2013, Vol 3, Issue 10

Importance of confirming Blood Group

Sankalp helpline gets a minimum of 3 to 4 Bombay blood group requests every month from all parts of the country. With such flowing requests and very few eligible donors available it has become very much a necessity to request donors to donate every three months and motivate more Bombay blood group donors who are not aware about the scarcity and need of this unit.

The miracle plant

Submitted by souravroy on Wed, 25-Sep-2013 - 15:50

The Jatropha Curcas, also known as 'danti', is a strange species of flora. It's leafy and green - sometimes it takes the form of a shrub, but it can also become a tree up to six meters tall. It came from the tropics of Central America and can thrive in semi-arid climates with low-nutrient soil.