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Things to do before labelling a patient with haemoglobinpathy
At the time of patient enrollment, we doctors collect history and the diagnosis report to confirm haemoglobinpathy. But few of them would have misplaced the report or would not have collected their reports from the previous hospitals which they had visited. Under these circumstances, what are the next steps? Dr.
souravroy Thu, 14-Apr-2016 - 12:23

Can one donate blood with diabetes, cholesterol, controlled blood pressure and after cured tuberculosis?

Medical Conditions and blood donation

As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and guidelines from national blood transfusion council the medical conditions mentioned for deferral is vague and incomplete and hence the medical officer has got the discretion to take or defer donation based on recent developments in modern medicine.  

According to Dr Sunder Periyavan, Additional Professor, Officer in charge, Transfusion Medicine Center, NIMHANS, Bangalore -