Sankalp wins Spirit of Humanity Awards 2011

On the second of April as the nation rejoiced the triumph of the Indian cricket team at the biggest stage in cricket, volunteers of Sankalp had another reason to celebrate. Sankalp India Foundation had a few hours earlier won the Spirit of Humanity Awards 2011 for being one of the committed NGOs working in the healthcare sector.

The award is instituted by the AmeriCares Foundation. AmeriCares is an international nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization, working in 147 countries over the last 28 years. For more than seventeen years, AmeriCares has delivered aid to the people of India in response to the natural disasters and ongoing humanitarian crises.

Usually child nutrition, women’s healthcare, diabetes, oncology, cardio diseases are the various categories. However, for NGOs that work in general healthcare sector, the awards committee came up with the Jury’s choice category. Since Sankalp works on blood donation and disaster relief, this category was best suited.

Sankalp and 5 other finalists were chosen to make a short presentation on their work and organizational work structure in this category. At the end after all the presentations, the joy of volunteers knew no bounds when Sankalp was declared to have won the award.

The volunteers of Sankalp would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to all blood donors, the colleges and companies who support the organization, blood banks and other members of the blood banking fraternity of the state of Karnataka to help them grow to a level where the organization stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the finest in the country. It is the cooperation and support received from these people that helped work to progress and ultimately led to the recognition.

Award or no award, the commitment of all the volunteers remains the same – To Give Life a Better Chance.

Sankalp Unit