About Volunteers

A fairly dedicated set of individuals who are striving to bring in a Revolution are who we have as Sankalp Volunteers. All the volunteers are common students and working professionals that each one of us can relate to. We are made of the same fabric as you. The difference is only this: we are trying to change ourselves into individuals who act on their wishes, have the courage of convictions and who can face lot of opposition and problems and get their job done. We are a team that works for a cause which is dear to us. We often dream impossible and most of the time it remains a dream. But at times we give it shape. We are still developing into individuals who work selflessly and those who bring in Revolutions.

What does it take to be one of us? Sheer hard work, determination, passion, vision and persistence.

Our work is not a bed of roses. And there is no reward. People are not waiting to pat your back when you do something here. People are not being given certificates and medals for what they do. When someone bleeds and sweats for an entire day, his only external reward comes from the company of those few young people who like him - are interested in nothing but a positive change.

We are not a charity. Please do not try to find us as the consumer for spare time and money. We work because we really want to from the bottom of our hearts.

Anyone else who wishes to join us for this cause is welcome to do so. Kindly contact us on 9880132850 or mail to sankalp.admin@gmail.com.

Sankalp Unit