Association With Indian Institute of Sciences

The Indian Institute of Sciences is not just home to the best brains in the country. It is also home to one of the most responsible and dedicated citizens of the country. They not only shape the future of technology but also find time to answer the call to save a life. The best of brains from around the country come to the Indian Institute of Sciences to shape the future.

We @ Sankalp were very happy to go ahead and partner with them. The process started with the registration of donors. The first time we visited IISc we got a total of about 600 donors. In those days Sankalp was restricted to being the Emergency help organization.

The donors from IISc helped us time and again to answer the emergency calls. With their co-operation we took up innumerable blood requests and promised a better chance to the patients.

The Kashmir Earthquake was also a path breaking step on the road of our friendship and association with IISc. On one hand our Volunteers were battling to be able to provide help to the Kashmir Earthquake victims and on the other hand they were struggling to arrange funds. IISc lent a helping hand. In a short span of time, IISc collected Rs.11000 which finally let to the purchase of 120 extra blankets to help the suffering.

Yet another Milestone was reached in March 2007. Expanding the horizons of activity and promising larger commitment and service, we walked into an arrangement to promote voluntary blood donation. Radical shift from the previous strategy of emergency donations alone, this service is designed to thaw the suffering and the mental agony people face in their quest to find blood. IISc will be helping to ensure that the blood bank closest to it ( M S Ramaiah Blood Bank) becomes one place in time where people do not have to go back empty handed due to shortage of blood.Regular weekly donations on a need basis will fuel this attempt.

Currently with 800 donors and 10 Volunteers working from IISc the stage is set to make a difference in our society.

We congratulate the Administration, Student's Council, Donors and Volunteers @ IISC for the examplary initiative and service.