11th Anniversary

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Each day pass by and leave behind a memory. No history was written in a day and today when we stand at a juncture after a decade of hard work the most satisfying word that means the most in our life is ‘’ Trust’’ . Trust of blood donors, trust of blood banks, trust of the people in search of blood and every associated individual or organisation. Now that we have won the trust of thousands of people all over the country the challenge lies in keeping the trust alive and stepping ahead gradually in our endeavours to make the difference in blood banking as a whole. My mentor always mentions ‘’ life is not bed of roses; keep walking’’. The time of crisis is the time of growth as it teaches us to push our limits. We have to travel miles before we rest and cheer over our success and but when we have to face the heat we must remember what our Ex prime minister Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee once said

“ badahey aati hai to aaye,
ghire parlay ki ghor gataye ,
pau ke neeche angare barse ,
lakin hume kadam mila kar chalna hoga”.