Blood for your valentine

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Mizoram is the state with literary rate at 95%, second only to Kerala. Not only is the state known for its fast growing economy, agricultural prosperity, natural beauty and peaceful people, over the past few years, the youth of Mizoram has set up a new trend. While in most part of the country, people get divided on whether or not valentines day should be celebrated, the youth of Mizoram takes this opportunity and donates blood.

On this day of love, which is celebrated all across the state with young people exchanging gifts like roses, sweets, chocolates and cards; with candle light dinners, a group of young men and women organize mass blood donation camps named 'Blood for Your Valentine'. These youngsters believe Valentine is all about care and are not reluctant to show it differently, thereby making it so much more meaningful. These blood donation drives are driven by a spirited young lady, Zikpuii, a TV presenter for the local channel LPS as well as a radio jockey for AIR Mizoram. Her initiative is supported by the Mizoram State AIDS Control Society and Association for Voluntary Blood Donation. The local media also supports this unique initiative by spreading the message around the city. The turnout is overwhelming. This unique drive has been conducted over several years now, and the craze for it has been growing.

The program saw a steep increase from 174 units in 2010, to 580 units  in 2011. Of these, over 350 units were collected in Aizawl itself. In 2012, 414 donors, including prominent citizens and singers, donated blood in two districts in Mizoram. Last year, in 2013, 759 units of blood was collected, when the state's blood collection broke its own records. This year, as the youth of Mizoram prepares for another Valentine's Day dedicated to the great cause, we at Sankalp feel overwhelmed, proud and motivated.

We request the youth of Karnataka and other parts of the country to follow this positive and path-breaking trend. It would make great sense to just walk into a blood bank nearby and donate blood on this day with our loved ones. They say love is pristine and selfless. What better gift can we give to the person we love, than selflessly and joyously save a life? Let's come out and say that we care. Let us celebrate the day of love and happiness with greater love, care and affection for humanity.