How do we reward people at Sankalp?

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For all of you who thought that there are no rewards for working hard in Sankalp, here is the big story. I am about to reveal to you the truth that was kept somewhat hidden so far. Only those who actually received the benefits know about it so far. If a person is working really hard for Sankalp, then what does he get? Consider the situation in which a Volunteer pushes against the limits to get a work done. The Volunteer puts in his/her heart and soul to realize the target. The Volunteer sets standards for selflessness and hard work and toils to ensure perfect delivery. At the following meeting when we review the work, there is surely expectation of some type of reward or recognition. Is there is a wish to be acknowledged? What do we do when we are really happy with someone's work? Hold your Breath.. here is the answer.. We give the Person more work!! Shocked! But yes.. this is the truth.. the better you work for Sankalp, the more work will you get.. Let's go deeper into this. As we consider, the work that we do is a Golden Opportunity. it is something that fills up our life with the good and gives us a chance to share our feelings in the language of work.. Each time someone gets some work from Sankalp, that is an opportunity to serve. An opportunity and a privilege. You have to be really good and really fine men and women to get work from Sankalp(Though this is not true in the initial assessment stages). When you do the work, you evolve yourself.. You fulfill a part of your dream.. You realize your targets.. at least a small bit.. If you do it well, then the Organization gives you a chance to go a step further, take larger challenges.. slog more.. get better and bigger results.. It gives you challenges that will refine you further and will strengthen you further. You get a chance to do what for most is just a remote dream.. To go to the higher level, you need to first come up and stand tall in front of the challenges of the lower level. The promise here is that the doors to the higher levels are always open. We have bigger works and bigger targets waiting.. But we need men and women, not in terms of numbers, who have it in them to be able to explore the impossible and convert it into daily routine for the others to follow.. The few seniors here often say, probably this is one of the very few organizations that rewards your work.. with more work.. Do not believe in limitations and impossibles.. Take it.. It is yours


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our conscience itself speaks congratulatin us...this is the best reward a person can ever get...thus materialstic rewards hve no value at al....

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true but we never thought in tht line.. we just aim to finish the work as efficiently as possible so the point of rewards never creeps in.. thanks to this platform many of us at least get something to do and learn a lot..i think tht's the hidden benefit.. rahul

Actually when we are reviewing the Projects one of the senior Volunteer always comments about the people who have done well - "I don't know whether I should be happy or feel sorry for this person". :)

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Firstly we dont work in Sankalp to get rewarded....We believe its our responsibility to do it.The only thing you get after completing your task is internal happiness which is above everything in this world......This happiness will give you tremendous strength and courage and hence lead you in the right direction in your future endeavours. Since there are lot off changes that are to be made to make the society better ,the biggest reward we get is that in a sunday meeting we will be given a different challenge and responsibility ,therefore we should be happy that we have been given another oppurtunity to do something wonderfull....... Regards Lalith Parmar Vande Mataram For Blood Call 1062

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Sankalp belongs to the people who are willing to work, who are eager to bring in a change in their society through constructive effort. It is your organization. When you accomplish a target , it provides more work, more targets to accomplish. Take charge. The world is all yours.

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Well i believe that by giving more work u r giving us a chance to test ourselves whether we have become better or not.. if we succesfully complete the new task that means we r getting better, and if we fail it means we have to work harder to get better:-)