Blood Awareness Week

Blood Awareness Week:

The Blood Awareness Week in different colleges- to take the message of blood donation, the scenario of blood in bangalore with the help of students of the respective colleges. The volunteers of the college being part of team RED(volunteers tie a red band on their arms for the entire week, signifying that they are part of team red), talk to the students of their respective college students(either class announcements or talk to the student group). This event will be done as the activity done by the students of that college with the help of Sankalp. Permission everything will taken care by the students of that college.

We, Sankalp Volunteers provide them with the necessary knowledge that there are suppose to talk, train them with the facts. One of us will be there in the college to help the students and make sure everything goes according to our plan and the students are taking the right message. At the end of the week, we have a small concluding program, when we perform a skit and have a concluding talk answering all their questions, motivate them to donate blood regularly.

Train the volunteers for a good blood donation camp in their college if they agree for a camp.

Most important of all, we call a person part of team RED if he/shepromises donates blood regularly or take the message of blood donation or promises to do both.