Rakta Kranti Schools Turns 1

4th August, 2008… Saw another team come alive in Sankalp … Our dream, to see 100% voluntary blood donation, started involving the young minds, our country’s future potential, “going to be change makers”, the high school students…

After lot of understanding, preparation, and support the Rakta Kranti School team set out for the first time with enthusiasm, determination and a little fear, to educate the children about blood donation.

The first school to give us this opportunity was M S Ramaiah Vidyaniketan. With small number of students being addressed, we got the confidence that, such a program could reach out to the kids. After the program, on the day of competitions, the students participated with great interest. As it was the first school, all the volunteers were present during the program as well as the competitions :).

With new learning’s and experiences after each school, subsequent schools saw improved version of the previous ones. With just skit and talks in the first school, we tried to make the program more interactive by adding quiz, and then program saw the use of big handmade charts accompanying the talks to not bore the students with regular classroom type lectures ;). Today we also conduct programs using presentation and videos to motivate the students better….

As the number of schools are steadily increasing… The feedback from schools and other volunteers, keeps us continuously thinking and improving the program… The times we write feedbacks after the program are the best :).

Today, exactly after one year, we are in the third phase of RK Schools, having reached out to 5525 students from 30 schools from various parts of Bangalore.

This project would not have reached such a stage without the support from the staff and management of various institutions, and not to forget the children… THANK YOU to all of them…

This is what few students had to tell after the program…
"Everyone thinks that doctors save lives. But what is doctor if he needs blood to save ?"
- A.M.Amesh, 9th std

“Many yesterdays are gone, many more tomorrows will come, but there is one today make it special by Donating Blood
A Blood Donor -- A life Saver. Do good to others and you will be Happy “
- Sadhika.Y IX Standard

“One day when I am over 18 yrs , I will donate blood. Yes I will "
- Mohammed N aveedh 8th Std

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