A Story showing the need of blood and importance of blood donation.

Rakta Kranti Schools awareness program ensures that learning and fun comes together. When it is time for the children to show case their talents and knowledge of what they have grasped of the importance of voluntary blood donation, one of the students had this to say.

NAME: Muhammad Sajid Ali
SCHOOL: Rajarajeshwari English school

Topic: A Story showing the need of blood and importance of blood donation.

Once,there lived a small family of three,a father a mother and a son and were blessed in millions. He was a great visionary, wanted to be a doctor and serve the nation.

He was in his last year of MBBS. He was brought up by his loving parents in a hard way. His exams were over and he was coming back home to say a very good news to his parents that he had passed the examination by securing very high marks. His parents dreamt for it everyday and this was the time for them to be excited, but one incident changed their lives.

While his son was returning home by walk a drunken man in a car hit him. He was severely wounded and was bleeding. The public gathered but not even one cared to call the ambulance. They watched the victim helplessly. A young teen aged lad of high school was disappointed by the public and he called the ambulance.

The victim was soon taken to the hospital and his parents also came there. They were in great pain shedding tears. The doctor told them to bring 4 units of blood belonging to o-ve group. The helpless parents went to the blood bank but failed to find even one single unit of blood because there were not many blood donors who voluntarily donate blood.

They begged in streets to give their son a second life, but the pedestrians laughed at them and walked forward by passing provoking comments.They went to public toilets,apartments,each and every house,shops,markets,malls,shopping centres to get blood but but failed to get even one unit of blood.

They rushed back to the hospital and watched helplessly their only son breathing for the last time.

Hence we in our daily life are going through such situations. Every 80 seconds someone or the other is looking for blood. Only one out of 2 gets blood in this city. It is each and everyone's duty to donate blood once we are eligible.

In a country of 102 crore if each would donate blood by sparing just 15 minutes once in 3 months, it would make a very big difference to the nation.India will turn into a "100% BLOOD DONATED COUNTRY"

Even many organisations and foundations like Sankalp India Foundation must work simultaneously to make a change rapidly in the nation.

I take oath that-
"I will surely donate blood once I am eligible and I will do my level best to make whole of India donate blood"

Submitted by sridhar56 on Sat, 24-Oct-2009 - 09:02


This boy is really very inspiring... A wonderful compiled writing...Three cheers to the Rakta Kranti Schools for spreading the awareness to young boys like him...