Assisting Donation Process

To help the blood bank run the camp smoothly it is always desirous to have some Volunteers to assist them. Please provide for the following assistance to the blood bank.

  1. Registration of Blood Donors This work involves taking the donors through the registration form before they start filling. explain the importance and significance of each column. Blood safety is highly dependent on this one form. So please ask people to fill it up carefully. Ensure that no one is peeping into the form when a person is filling it up. this is because the form contains some very private questions which a donor may not answer correctly in someone else's presence. This can be done by providing desks for people to sit and fill forms.
  2. Explaining the entire process to the donors Take the donor through the entire process of blood donation verbally explaining the processes involved. Give tips and make the donor comfortable.
  3. Clarifications and feedbacks There should be one person who should be able to provide clarifications to donors and who also ensures collection of good feedback.
  4. Arranging the refreshments This involves serving the donors with the refreshments and ensuring no littering takes place.
  5. Counseling the Deferred Donors All the donors who are not found fit to donate must be advised accordingly. Nutritional advice can be given for people with less haemoglobin (anemia).
  6. Issue of a Certificate Volunteers can assist the process of issuing a certificate of appreciation to the blood donors.
  7. Preparing a record of donors This involves compilation of Name/blood group/Contact Number and Email id of all people who Volunteer to donate (including those who were deferred.