Bringing in Donors

Scope: This side of activity constitutes the work relating to motivating, convincing, education and finally bringing in blood donors to the blood donation camp. Challenging, and exciting on one side, but bearing a deeper responsibility of creating an aware society on the other site, this work requires real dedication. When you proceed to convince a person to donate blood there are two essential aspects: - Inspirations - Informative Most of the time the donor motivators only bank upon the first. You must sit and decide upon a clear strategy before you proceed to talk to the donors. The questions you must ask yourself are

  1. Am I speaking some interesting things or am I repeating the same old story?
  2. Have I thought about what motivates people and accordingly chosen the topics top elaborate?
  3. Does my talk aim at addressing the misconceptions that lead to lesser donation?
  4. Am I giving proper facts to people which indicate the clear requirement and impact of the blood they donate?
  5. Am I addressing their safety and wellbeing related concerns?

If a person has elaborately thought about the above points, then even a 5 minute talk can bring in many more donors. Your talk must be donor centric. Everything must relate to the person who is listening. All other facts, however interesting must be left apart. Let us go on to analyze the deeper aspects on motivational and informative segments of your talk.