Campus Connect

It Sleeps Deep Within

But It Must Come Out

Feelings Alone Do Not Make A Difference

Action Does

Any campus in the country is a hub of activity which shapes the future. And this future is either one in which each person will be transferring the blame for the problems on someone else and expressing helpless and inability. Or this future will be one in which the people will take charge and shape things in the right way.

The concept of Campus Connect was tailor made to allow student participation Directly in the process of saving lives. Here was one activity which the students can take up and within some time be major stakeholders in the process of successful saving of lives.

Packed with zeal to do something for the society and the excitement of the youth, Campus Connect challenges student's of one particular responsibility to adopt one blood bank in their vicinity. The concept is not limited to one donation camp, or a few per year. It extends beyond. It stands for optimally donating blood on a need basis to the blood banks of vicinity so as to reinforce them and prevent drastic shortages of blood at some particular time.
Concept has three ingredients.
> The Blood donors, who are found in plenty in the campuses.
> A Blood bank which is ready to maintain transparency of operation and provide good quality of service.
> And the third is a group of student Volunteers who co-ordinate timely and optimized donation.
When the three come together, the blood bank faces lesser times when it has a 0 unit stock of particular blood group. And therefore the end patient has a better chance.
There were doubts and mis-conceptions at the inception of this project. People wondered if students would actually take on the responsibility. And the answers came in the form of Campus Connect Implementation for Indian Institute of Sciences and Gokul Education Foundation. The two premier institutes together have within one month changed the blood scene at M S R Memorial Hospital.
Next time you as a student dream of a change, or you as a teacher think of nurturing future leaders, here is one starting point. Will you accept the responsibility of assuring a better chance to life?