Volunteers are recommended to go through the following check list before each camp:

  1. Is the college well informed about timing and date
  2. Is the blood bank well informed about the above?
  3. Are the participating Volunteers known?
  4. Is the availability of the donors ensured?
  5. Have publicity posters been put up?

Day of Camp:

  1. 1. Has blood bank arrived 30 minutes prior to start time
  2. Is the haemoglobin set-up in place?
  3. Are the registration area, waiting area, testing area, donation area and refreshment area all clearly defined?
  4. Is there sufficient ventilation and lighting?
  5. Is the venue known to the donors.

Registration area:

  1. Is the register available?
  2. Are donor forms present?
  3. Are donor guides present?
  4. Do you have Sankalp brochures?
  5. Do you have resting pads and pens?

If the Volunteer aware that volunteers need to register here too?
Waiting area:

  1. Are donor manuals available?
  2. Are people sitting in a semi-circle?
  3. Is the Volunteer speaking to the entire group?

Testing area:

  1. Are tests being correctly performed?
  2. Are only 2 donors at a time waiting after testing?

Donation Area?

  1. Are procedures being followed?
  2. 2. Do we have sheets for lady donors?
  3. Is the doctor present and responsive?

Post Donation?

  1. Do you have refreshments?
  2. Is someone taking care of donors?
  3. Is Calcium Sandoze in place?

Feedback and Thanks?

  1. Is the chart kept?
  2. Are markers and cello tapes available?
  3. Did you take the Volunteer's Feedback?

Post camp:

  1. Did you post report?
  2. Did you report negative feedbacks?
  3. Did you post comments?
  4. Did you call up would be Volunteers and introduce them to Sankalp?
  5. Has the material been returned?
  6. Did you share the Volunteer's feedback?