Courtroom trials

One day his turn came to testify. He admitted everything. He kept delivering his revolutionary testimony. The judge kept looking at him pressing his pen between his teeth. He did not write a single word. Later he said only this much, "Kartar Singh, as yet your testimony has now been recorded. Please give your testimony lead to? Eye-witnesses tell us that Kartar Singh replied to the judge in a carefree tone, "you can only hang me, what more can you do? We are not afraid of that." That concluded the court proceedings for the day. The next day again began with the testimony of Kartar Singh. Many judges thought the day before that Kartar Singh was speaking on the instructions of Bhai Permanent. They were unable to reach the depth of revolutionary Kartar Singhs heart. Kartar Singh's testimony was more forceful, more vigorous and like the previous day it admitted everything. In the end he said, "What sentence will I receive for my crime? Life-sentence or death. I would prefer death, so that I could be born again - as long as the India does not become free I would be born again and again - and would be hanged for my country. This is the only last wish I have."

Judges were very impressed by his bravery. But like an enemy with big heart they did not call his bravery as bravery but remembered him with shameless words. Not only they showered abuses on Kartar Singh, but gave him the sentence to be hanged. He smiled and thanked the judges.

Value of Death

Kartar Singh was locked in his death cell. His grandfather came to see him. He said, "Kartar Singh, people for whom you are giving your life use abusive language for you. It does not also seem that the country will benefit from death". Kartar Singh asked him very softly, "Dadaji, where is (such and such) relative of ours?" "He died in plague.""And the other one?""He died of cholera.""So you want that Kartar Singh should be lying on his bed for months suffering with some sickness and die! Is this death not thousand times better than that?" His grandfather was speechless.

Value of his death today

Today, again the question arises. What good did his sacrifice do? For what did he give his life? The answer to that is very clear. He died for the country. His ideal was simple to die fighting in the service of his nation. He wanted nothing more. He wanted to remain unknown even in his death.

The case lasted for a year and a half. On November 16, 1915 he was hanged. That day too he was happy as always. His weight too increased. He embraced the hanging rope with the words, "Victory to Mother India."

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