Deeper Aspects

Motivational Aspects People are largely motivated to donate blood is they can clearly see the impact of their blood donation. You should be able to bring out the effort versus impact picture for the donor. Saying "donate blood and save a life" may be logically correct but it has no appeal. There is nothing in this line which brings out the impact more clearly. Tell them facts that show how difficult a situation it could be for a person who is looking for blood. And then show them how their blood donation reduces all the pain. Show them that they can become real life heroes in not one but three lives ( by component separation). Make them realize how easy it is for them to do it all.

Inspirational Aspects Information is a very powerful tool to bring in donors not just for once but for lifetime. If you can bring up a correct picture before a person packed with facts and easy to understand concepts then it will really make a person think. People are all good at heart. If you can just instigate their thinking process they will come all the way to donate blood. A good starting point to this is an understanding of the blood donation and consumption scenario locally, statewide, nationally and internationally. Show this to people and highlight how they matter in the entire process.

Removing Myths The Indian society has lot of prevalent myths and mis-conceptions about blood donation. Get the right facts out to people for them to see and then get rid of the myths. A prior assessment of the most popular misconceptions can lead to you being able to pull out the biggest of reasons for people not coming ahead to donate.

Individual Attention In a survey in India when asked why people do not donate blood, one of the prominent reply was -"No one ever asked us to donate!" If you really want a successful blood drive go and talk to people straight. Posters, pamphlets, mails and announcements on one side and a simple polite one to one talk on the other, the later gives much better results. Find time to talk to people, address their concerns and personally invite them to come ahead and donate blood. With these points, if you design a donor motivation strategy, it will definitely lead to more and more people come in and join the movement not just for once but for a lifetime.