Dhyan Chand <The hockey Wizard of India>

With a flick of the wrist, a quick glance of his eyes, a sharp turn and then another turn, and Dhyan Chand was through A German reporter said about Dhyan Chand's performance When an Indian went out of the nation during his times, people used to ask "Are you from the land of the Hockey magician?" If the answer was yes, they looked at you with respect in their eyes.

"He scores goals like runs in Cricket". --Don Bradman

"You are doubtless aware that I am a common man, and then a soldier. It has been my training from my very childhood to avoid limelight and publicity. I have chosen a profession where I have been taught to be a soldier, and nothing beyond that." --Dhyan Chand

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Submitted by lalithgparmar on Fri, 29-Aug-2008 - 18:14


My heart is filled with Happiness when I get to hear the way Dhyan chandji played his hockey!!!MAGICAL is the word that could explain...Players like him are born once in a million years...TRUE CLASS!!!

But when I read the story of his life and how he was treated in his last ew years ,it disappoints me...Here is a person who is born once in a genration with MAGICAL ability to go past one player after another and yet our country failed to do much for him...I hope such things are not repeated again!!!

 Lastly Dhyan chandji will always remain in my heart for the shere class he had!!!!on this day I would like to pay my tribute to the MAGIC MAN by SALUTING the MAGIC MAN and thanking him for making our country PROUD!!!

 Also it would be great if all Hockey players of the country take inspiration from him and make our country proud!!!!!

Lalith Pamar

Vande Mataram