Donating Blood is safe

Few of us are not very convinced with the fact that Donating blood is a very safe process. Various myths along with the lack of awareness amongst the people contribute to the unwillingness to donate blood. Here we will discuss some of the common reasons why blood donation is a very safe procedure.


Myth: As needle is involved in the process, one may contract AIDS or related disease:

Vaccination, Tetanus injection, insulin injection are few common instances where we cannot avoid needles. In all these instances we ensure that the needle used is sterile and seal is broken in front of us. Same carefulness during blood donation ensures safe donation. The seal of the new sterile needle and the blood bag used to collect blood is broken in front of the donor. And once used blood bag and needle, both are discarded. [1] Also there is absolutely no risk of getting AIDS or related disease as a donor is giving blood and not receiving blood and therefore this doesn’t involve any mixing of blood. [2]

Myth: Blood donation or repeated donations will make one very weak

Before donation, donors are examined for their medical fitness and eligibility to donate. If the donor has answered all the questions honestly, prepared mentally for the procedure and found to be eligible, there is no chance of any kind of weakness after donation. Immediately 15 minutes after the donation one can resume his/her work which doesn’t involve rigorous physical activity.

In fact donating blood regularly has lot of health benefits. [3] This is what a regular blood donor who has donated more than 75 times has to say “In fact, I hardly fall ill. And I have been as fit as ever. Donated 350 ml blood every four months does not affect your health. I will advise every person to donate blood.” [4]

Myth: There could be Major Side effects after donation

There are no side effects of donating blood rather it is beneficial to donate blood regularly. [3] Though very small percentage of blood donors gets bruises on arm after donation. A bruise heals within few days by applying ice packs. Also few donors feel light headed or slight dizziness. By simply lying down and raising the legs with the help of pillow, donors feel perfectly fine within few minutes. These are small side effects which regular donors really don’t mind while contributing to the bigger cause. [5]

Precaution: Choose blood bank carefully

Always be very cautious while selecting a blood bank to donate blood. This will ensures further safety. While choosing Blood bank consider the following:

  • It should be a know and renowned blood bank.

  • Blood bank is associated with well know and established organization or Hospital.

From top organizations of the country

Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical science, Lucknow says “There is virtually no danger. Only sterile and disposable needles are used to collect blood. There is absolutely no chance of catching any infectious disease by donating blood.” [6]

Kerala State Aids Control society says “Blood donation is a completely safe activity. One need not fear anything when donating blood through blood banks approved by the government.” [7]

Indian Red Cross Society says “Yes, it is safe to donate blood. Sterile, disposable needles are used for each donor. Some people believe that they will feel weak after donating blood, but this is unlikely to happen. Just eat a small snack and drink plenty of water before and after the donation.” [8]