Donor Screening taking a back seat

Normally when Sankalp's emergency team gets a blood request from some far off district of the country and the blood is not available in the blood banks - it is a challenge. It is a difficult job to search for a blood donor with rare blood group from so far off - and even more difficult to get the donation done.

In a recent blood request, we needed a unit of AB+ at a very short notice for a patient who had the hemoglobin level of 5.7 and was due to undergo a surgery. With no stock of this group in that district, extremely poor patient and a very short notice, it was an uphill task to look for a matching donor. Sankalp volunteers called several individuals who they had registered to help during emergency situations and eventually were able to find a willing donor. There was some relief in the team - but that was short lived.

As a matter of standard protocol, Sankalp volunteers followup with the donor right from pre-donation counseling up to the time when they are back to their place after finishing donation. This ensures safety, care and well being which goes a long way in retaining blood donors for the society as a whole. So, as usual, even this time we advised the donor on all standard pre-donation care and infor