The Dream Takes Shape

Postcards after packaging
"It Sleeps Deep Within
But It Must Come Out
Feelings alone don't make a Difference
Action Does"
Sankalp India Foundation reached another milestone in its quest to put dreams and thoughts into action on the 15th January, 2008. This Army Day, Sankalp handed over to the Indian Army unit in Bangalore 3340 handmade postcards which carried on them a message of love, care and appreciation for the soldiers posted in the extremities of the Siachen Glacier.
A postcard with a handwritten message was our small way to tell our brothers on the glacier that we care for them. We have sent this message with prayers and good wishes hoping that thee cards will reach them by the Republic Day. Colonel A of the Karnataka and Kerela sub-area of the Indian Army said –“It is very difficult to imagine from here the impact of these postcards that you are sending to the soldiers. The soldiers will be very happy to receive them. They will keep these postcards next to the place where they keep family photographs and images of Gods and they will be there with them, till the time comes when they come down from their posts.”
Over past one month people from all walks of life have come forward to fill up a postcard and send their message. Hundreds of techies, doctors, school children, and people from all age groups have prepared these postcards. Noteworthy was the immense enthusiasm of many people who not only filled up a card for themse4lves but also took the initiative of taking the responsibility of giving many more people a chance to show their care. Over past 3 weeks we had scores of Volunteers in the city who were spreading the word about the glacier and giving people a chance to share their feelings. Starting from mails in IT companies up to the morning assemblies in colleges and school, Mission Siachen was on the lips of hundreds of people in Bangalore, Pune and Chennai.
The task that looks seemingly simple to organize on the top level had many challenges to offer. The distribution and collection of the postcards was the first major challenge. Next were the scheduling visits of various colleges and other places to spread the word in town. At the same time, postcards were being shipped to various parts of the country. The young revolutionaries who have joined the organization in recent months showed exceptional sincerity, maturity and commitment. It is their hard work which led the Mission to achieve the goals that were set.
It is noteworthy that the postcards went through a comprehensive screening process before being sent. No message that could have triggered negative emotions and hatred was allowed to proceed further.
Now that the postcards have been sent to the glacier, we need to wait. The 14 Corps posted on the Siachen Glacier will be informing us once the postcards are distributed to the soldiers on the glacier. On behalf on the Sankalp Volunteers I would like to thank all of us who have contributed in a big way to make this small effort a big success. On the road to realizing our dream for our Nation, we have a long way to walk together.
Bharat Mata Ki Jai!