Early Years

Lakshmi Sehgal was born Lakshmi Swaminathan on October 24, 1914 in Madras to S. Swaminadhan, a talented lawyer, and A.V. Ammukutty, a social worker and freedom fighter, who later became a member of independent India’s Constituent Assembly.

She did MBBS from Madras Medical College in 1938. In the next few years, Lakshmi and her family were drawn into the ongoing freedom struggle. She saw the transformation of her mother from a Madras socialite to an ardent Congress supporter, who one day walked into her daughter’s room and took away all the child’s pretty dresses to burn in a bonfire of foreign goods. Lakshmi observed how in the South, the fight for political freedom was fought alongside the struggle for social reform. Campaigns for political independence were waged together with struggles for temple entry for Dalits and against child marriage and dowry.