Education and early days

Sarojini Naidu

Sarojini Naidu was a precocious child, a 'wonder girl'. When barely twelve years old, she wrote a 1300-line poem a la 'Lady of the Lake' in six days! 'The next year, she penned an impassioned poetic drama of 2000 lines!


In 1897, Dr. Aghorenath sent Sarojini to Madras to appear for the Matriculation examination which she passed with distinction. The result of her college studies at the Madras University was also outstanding. She passed in First Class first. This was a brilliant feat and her first leap into fame. The jurisdiction of Madras University at that time extended much beyond Tamilnadu into many regions of the present State of Kerala, Andhra and Karnataka.


As a college student, Sarojini had written a verse play in Persian "Mehar Munee" (a legendary romantic couple). Dr. Aghorenath printed a few copies of the play for private circulation and he ventured to present a copy to the Nizam. His Exalted Highness was so much impressed that he sanctioned a scholarship for her higher studies in England.


"Having travelled, having conceived, having hoped, having enlarged my love, having widened my sympathies, having come into contact with different races, different communities, different religions, different civilizations, friends, my vision is clear. I have no prejudice of race, creed, caste, or colour.... Until you students have acquired and mastered the spirit of brotherhood, do not believe it possible that you will ever cease to be sectarian... if I may use such word.... you will ever be national"!