India After Independence

India After IndependenceMost of us are plagued with the lack of understanding of our own nation in a larger sense. Though we are born in a free nation, we hardly know anything about it's evolution since 15th August, 1947. How many of us are aware of Op Blue Star, the 4 major wars, the famines after independence and the major social changes? wishes to pick up a topic of great National Importance each month and present to it's readers an un-biased and clear dealing of the issue. This we hope will build up better leaders for the society who on one hand are equipped with the most modern knowledge and on the other, who have learnt and who fully understand the problems and strengths of this great Nation.


Submitted by rajat on Tue, 22-Jan-2008 - 19:04


  1. Bhopal Gas Tragedy-Rajat+Lisha
  2. Rise as a Nuclear Power
  3. Food Shortage on 60s and Green Revolution - Lisha
  4. Op White Flood and Dairy Reforms
  5. Integration of States
  6. Indo China Conflicts/Wars
  7. Indo-Pak Conflicts/Wars
  8. General emergency
  9. Militancy in Punjab - Op Blue Star - Rajat
  10. Kashmir Issue - Rajat
  11. Militancy in NE - Rajat
  12. Tami(LTTE) related problems - Rajat
  13. Industrialization by Nehru
  14. Lifestyle Changes - Maruti, Mobiles and Malls
  15. Hindu-Muslim Riots
  16. Linguistic Division of States-Lisha
  17. Indian Space Feats
  18. Indian Indegenous Defence Systems
  19. Population Explosion and Family Planning
  20. Reservation Issue and Mandal Commission
  21. Chipko Movement
  22. Farmer Suicides in India - Rajat+ Lisha
  23. Water Sharing between States
  24. Economin Liberalization
  25. Changing Shades of Media/Press