Narayana Nethralaya

They have established Dr.Rajkumar Eye Bank with the sole purpose of disseminating the importance of eye donation and to facilitate in the collection, processing and distribution of eyes to the needy i.e., to help the corneal blind people. Eyes need to be donated within 6 hours following death. All one has to do is to call up the eye bank at the earliest, following death. The eye bank has necessary arrangements to collect the eyes so donated. These eyes will be assessed & preserved by the eye bank and later the corneal tissue will be transplanted into the eyes of a person blinded by a corneal disease. A service that is open 24 hours a day, every single day of the year to disseminate the importance of eye donation and facilitate in the collection, processing and distribution of eyes, to finally benefit the corneal blind people in Bangalore and around the country A staggering Three Million People. The hospital is equipped with some of the most modern instruments essential for the diagnosis and treatment of various eye disorders including sophisticated laser delivery systems, ultrasonographic instruments, a modern operation theatre for performing a variety of surgical procedures, elaborate facilities for the hospitalization of ophthalmic patients. In order to meet the exact needs of a modern eye care center, the institute has acquired a variety of state of the art equipment.!!! Dispel Darkness !!! Make the Gift of a lifetime !!! The world has more than forty-five million blind people. India has an estimated twelve million blind people due to a variety of causes. Participate in the fight against blindness by pledging your eyes and make the difference of a lifetime between darkness and light for two otherwise blind people